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HIV and AIDS are still wrapped in stigma and misconceptions. We are offering these resources in an effort to begin to address some of the misinformation. This page is only intended to be an introduction to the topic. Questions about your personal health should be addressed with a healthcare professional.


HIV Prevalence Estimate

HIV Incidence Estimate

Diagnoses of HIV Infection

Diagnoses of HIV Infection by Age 
Diagnoses of HIV Infection by Race/Ethnicity 
Diagnoses of HIV Infection by Transmission Category 
Persons Living with a Diagnosis of HIV Infection 
Deaths of Persons with a Diagnosis of HIV Infection

AIDS Diagnoses

AIDS Diagnoses by Age
AIDS Diagnoses by Race/Ethnicity
AIDS Diagnoses by Transmission Category
AIDS Diagnoses by Top 10 States/Dependent Areas
Persons Living with an AIDS Diagnoses
Deaths of Persons with an AIDS Diagnoses

State-by-State HIV Infection and AIDS Data

International Statistics

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Unless otherwise noted, the following data are from the CDC HIV Surveillance Report: Diagnoses of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2009.